Your partners for the appointment of highly qualified specialists and challenging managerial positions

Staffing positions sustainably with excellent candidates is your future-oriented investment and our passion!

Already during the process of awarding a contract we hold intensive talks and discussions with our clients, usually on site. Together with you we establish contents and objectives of the position to be filled. This not only includes technical and organizational aspects but also interpersonal characteristics which often can only be read between the lines. In recruitment this aspect very often is crucial for the integration and lasting employment of a new employee.

As experts in aptitude diagnostics our KLP consultants conduct professional interviews specifically adapted to each position. We will only present excellent candidates tour clients who have convinced us. We accompany the entire recruitment process with high quality and distinct service orientation up to contract negotiations and the subsequent job familiarization process.

We identify and directly approach those candidates in the competitive environment who are not actively looking for a new position.

  • Our own comprehensive and current database covers a relevant share of the market and allows rapid access to targeted candidates.
  • Owing to our expertise in the field gained in long years we have a comprehensive network.
  • A performance-oriented fee agreement makes us a predictable and reliable partner and underlines our will to succeed.